Clients That We Serve

Populations served

  • 16+ Adults
  • Families/Couples
  • Parenting Support
  • Adults and adolescents struggling with intense emotions, including depression and anxiety.
  • Individuals going through life transitions.
  • Those seeking a therapist who offers a friendly space for any sexual orientation, gender identity, and those with non-traditional approaches to relationships and sexuality, including multiple partner relationships.
  • Those struggling with the impact of trauma.
  • Individuals who have had negative experiences with therapy in the past, or have not sought help out of concern that they will be judged or misunderstood.
  • Those who prefer a collaborative approach to the therapeutic process.
  • Couples who are looking for therapy to improve their relationship, or a mediator to navigate the divorce process.
  • Parents who are needing support within their own families, and help navigating the school system.

Our Approach

This is what you can expect from our time together:

  • We see the work (therapy) as a collaborative process, we will work to get to know you and adjust our therapy based on your needs.
  • An active, relational and conversational style. We bring our personalities to the work, seeking authentic engagement with clients.
  • To be met with a thoughtful, responsive, open-minded listener.
  • We will draw attention to patterns in thinking, feeling, and behavior.
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